Automatic Sharpening Machine


Tool sharpening is often a problem, especially with whisper shear and even more so with rooftop shear. Whisper sharpening of punches serves to reduce noise, vibrations and kickback in machine components as well as slug pulling and tonnage. This type of tool sharpening also makes extraction easier and reduces sheet deformation.

The MATRIX automatic sharpening machine solves this problem and can perform any type of sharpening on the tool quickly and easily.

MGM-150A: automatic sharpening machine with an electric drive

MGM-150A is an innovative and easy-to-use sharpening machine with an electric drive, designed to reliably sharpen any and all punching tools made of tempered steel.

It is a fully automatic professional sharpening machine that does not require highly trained personnel. MGM-150A is so intuitive and simple that, after insertion of the tool in the spindle and a few clicks on the LCD display, it can work in total autonomy and safety.

Assembled and checked at the Matrix production facility in Italy, the components of this automatic sharpening machine are of the highest quality.

Tool Grinding Machine

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